Monday, March 23, 2009

new owl pillows & birdies this week!

Instead of song on repeat for the week this Monday, I'll go ahead and give you the crafting playlist on repeat for the week. Check it out here!

Since the move a few weeks ago I haven't put anything new in my shop! Well, I will put an end to that this week! I've been busy here in my craft room making things for my shop, Dwelling Spaces and Collected Thread all at once. I've made 25 felt birds this weekend, may not sound like a lot but it sure felt like it. I'm not sure if doing the products all at once is more effective than filling a store's order and then moving on to the next.
But let's just say while I work on their's I won't neglect my shop and preparing for a craft show I have coming up next month.
Here are the owl pillows that will be in the shop this week!

and the felt birdies


  1. They look so soft... an army of cuteness.

  2. I think the little birds would be so cute on a mobile in a baby's room.

  3. Oooooo I heart the little mushroom print!

  4. ohhh!! your softies are so cute!!!