Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a little update

I'm still working on what I've been working on.
I've been very distracted these past couple of days.
When I was in second grade I got in trouble for talking too much and I was moved away from everyone else and in front of the fish tank. This is where my distraction began. I didn't pay attention to the teacher and I didn't complete my work in class because I was too busy watching the clown fish and daydreaming. I almost failed 2nd grade.
Here I am, 16 years later, still sitting at my work desk staring and daydreaming. Except this time, it's not a clown fish, it's cats.
We have stray cats living next door, about five of them, and anytime they'd walk by the window I would stare. Hoping for a trick? I don't know. 2 days ago I decided to give them our leftovers. In my defense, they would dig in our trash to get it anyways. Anyways, I put it in front of my window so when they came to eat I would get to see them! I'm so lame.

The big white cat makes me sad. His face & ears are messed up, like he's been in a lot of fights. I haven't seen him fight any of the 4 cats though. I like to think he is the dad and the black one he's watching eat is the mom and the other 3 cats (that are black, white and black&white and are smaller) are their babies and he looks like that because he protects them. That's what I like to think.

So, yea, watching cats is my new hobby.

Here are some owl buddies I've been working on.

And after neglecting my accessories shop, You're A Dreamboat, I finally updated photos and I'm also adding new earrings!

Did I mention I was adding new owl pillows to Stelabird?

What are your current favorite accessories?
Mine are...
1. The flower earrings! They make me feel girlie when I'm just wearing a t-shirt and jeans (which is my usual attire).

2. All my bracelets. I like the clanking sound they make.


  1. Pretty earrings! I need to start wearing stud earrings more.

  2. i just got a cat a couple weeks ago and that story is so sad to me. i love how you are feeding them

    i love the Spring-y earrings!

  3. Oh my god..when do you start selling the owl pillows?? I can't wait.

  4. Blogger lparsons15 said...

    Oh my god..when do you start selling the owl pillows??

    **I've been selling them for 2 years, hehe!

  5. haha! your cat watching is too funny. sometimes it doesn't take much to distract you from your work. i sit and stare at things all the time when i have work to do.

    my favorite accessory is the elephant necklace i wear every day. he has a little tiny gold butterfly friend next to him. i love it. :)

    your stuff is super cute. i'll have to go check out your shop now.

  6. awwww... i may have to indulge in one of those pillows!

    i have such affection for haggard kitties, the one we adopted licks all the fur off of her behind, but she's the sweetest thing i've ever met :-)

  7. The story of the stray kitties and the life you have for them in your head was cracking me UP! I need to make a video of some of the crazy things my cats do and put it on youtube. Maybe they could entertain you too!

    The photos of your jewelry look REALLY good, I give you props. I have a hard time photographing jewelry, it can be fun but it also frustrates the crap out of me sometimes.

  8. You are so sweet! I know the cat gods will smile down on you for feeding the strays. If you start thinking up names for them you may be in for trouble ;)

  9. IF you are distracted by stray cats outside, think about having a shop cat sit on your shoulders while you paint or sew! Cats are great and even though we already haev three, we still feed the "neighborhood" cat that thinks he owns everybody. ( the Black and white one is soo cute!)

  10. Those earrings are soooo cute! I have been distracted lately too. I have decided today is the day to stay home and complete something, anything!

    My WTJ has been neglected too. ;( Maybe today is a good day for wrecking.

    We have deer around here, so we feed them in hopes of catching a glimpse. They are sneeky though! Only see them once in a while and I get all excited over it. Guess I'm easily distracted too! Haha.


  11. I'd feel bad for the cats and would also feed them. I love the green flower bobby pins - yay Spring! If it ever decided to start in NY. :-0

  12. oh, those cats look sweet!
    and I love the green bobby pins.
    my favorite accessory right now is a plastic paisley headband from j crew.

  13. I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!