Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Egg Massacre didn't happen. It was cold and rainy so we have postponed it to either next Sunday or May. Our cascarones are patiently waiting.

I'm listing new You're a Dreamboat items today!! Cute items for Spring!
I just listed...

and you can find these later...

What are you working on today?
I'm working on an order for Dwelling Spaces. So you can find new owl pillows,pouches and keychains there soon!!
Then after that I'm continuing to prepare for Funky Finds Spring Fling in Texas! That's next weekend! AH!

Looks like I have work to do!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. These are just adorable! I love those rose earrings especially.

  2. lovely flowers!!
    i hope you get some sunshine soon. ☺

  3. All so pretty! You are a busy little bee!

  4. You sound super busy! I like the bobby pins very much..lovely work. And give Riley some props for the new site design- it is fab!

  5. stumbled across your blog

    love your work

    look forward to reading more:-)

  6. I love these! The colors are great and very spring-like!

  7. oh these are so cute! i love all your stuff!