Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May!!

Hello friends!
Happy First of May! I have a feeling the month of May will be a good one.
It's cloudy, rainy and in the low 50s here in Enid, OK but it made my coffee that much more lovely.
I will be listing a Little Bigfoot in my shop today!

as well as a mini owl!

Have you heard of Okeene, Oklahoma? Your answer is probably no.
Well, our Riley Jantzen was born and raised in this little town of 1,200.
That's correct, population of 1,200.
Well, this weekend in Okeene, OK is the RATTLESNAKE ROUNDUP!
I have not had the honor in attending this event, and I'm not too sure I want to. Snakes freak me out.
Riley says the rattlesnake hunt started long ago when there were too many rattlesnakes in the area so they had a bunch of people wrangle them up. Eventually, it turned into an annual event.
I asked if people have gotten bitten during the roundup, his answer "oh yea"
has anyone died? Riley: yea
They host the event 1 block from the hospital. Good idea.
Here's Riley sporting his 2004 rattlesnake roundup shirt

I hope you notice what's wrong with this picture.

Starting tonight Riley and I will have a doggie!!! For a few days.
But hey, I'm super happy to have a precious doggie in my life for a little bit!
Here's who I'm doggie-sitting! I love Andy!
I want to cry I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. aw yay have fun dog-sitting!!! and that rattlesnake roundup sounds hilarious. i get really excited about small-town fairs and festivals but usually they are a bust :( but fair food is always a plus!

  2. awwww... little bigfoot is so cute! ;)

  3. isaac's brother, aaron, is dog sitting right now and the dog has to sleep in the bed with him or it can't sleep. it just sucks that aaron is allergic to dogs. have fun with andy!

  4. I love the new items in your shop! Have fun pup watching! :)

  5. Happy May! Yay!

    Hunting snakes? A hunting snake event? Hm.

  6. At least Andy will not get hair all over your owls (hee hee)

    The rattlesnake festival sound pretty interesting...we have a catfish race going on here this weekend!

  7. Do they have to put sunscreen on Andy?

  8. Blogger Caution Flag said...

    Do they have to put sunscreen on Andy?

    **Yes they do!

  9. I love the rattlesnake round up. I attended as a kid. Lucky you. They sell lots of stuff with rattlesnake on it. Very crafty.

  10. oh my goodness! a population of 1,200??? that's insane!

    i LOVE your new additions to your shop! adorable!

    have fun doggie sitting this weekend!

  11. Wanna know something weird?! We have a girl freelancing for us at work for a couple of weeks and she is from Austin, Texas. She was JUST telling me yesterday about this event that they have every year with Snakes! Something about wrestling snakes in a pit or something?? I asked it anyone got bit and she said "oh yeah!". Ha!! Then this morning I read your blog. Guess wranglin' snakes is a true southern tradition! Ha!!
    I told her that the festival in my tiny hometown is the Brown Trout Festival where people come from all over to try to catch the biggest Brown Trout in the lake. And there's a Beer Tent. That's as exciting as it gets. Haha :)

  12. nice Little BigFoot! Did you sell alot at the Dallas fair?