Saturday, May 2, 2009

our new roomie!

Riley & I are doggie-sitting our friends' precious chinese crested named, Andy, for a few days.

The doggie-sitting started last night. I was wondering how the night would go with him, but he slept the whole time! We even had heavy rains and hail early this morning and he just slept through it.

It's been chilly here in Oklahoma, and Andy is kinda naked so we like to keep him warm in a fleece blanket.
Wow, didn't mean to rhyme.

He's been sleeping all day, and I don't know if that's his normal behavior or if he's depressed since he misses "mom and dad".

I know Chinese crested aren't known to be active dogs, but sleeping all day? I feel bad. Poor guy. Maybe he's sleeping because it's lazy Saturday. Or maybe because we're relaxing on the couch with our computers, and not being active.

We're excited to have him here!!


  1. oh my gosh! he's so funny and cute. he makes me laugh! glad you guys are having fun with him!

    looks like you guys might want to get your own dog after he goes home....

    {i've totally been begging for a dog lately}

  2. He is so cute! He kind of looks like a dog version of Andy his "hair"!

  3. He generally sleeps quite a bit. Whatever makes him happy, haha! A dog does look good on you... Glad it's going well!!

  4. He is freaking PRECIOUS! I think you guys need one just like him, it's funny how much you all three look like a little family! I lol'd at the pictures of Riley holding him in the blanket. Very sweet. How long do you get to keep him?

  5. Y'all are such good dog sitters! I bet his owner is proud to see how well Andy is being taken care of.

  6. Haha- Andy is poking up out of that fleece blanket like a meerkat.

  7. he's cute!!! you guys look like your having too much fun with him, maybe you need your own doggie:)
    Emily & Devon

  8. I think you guys need a pet!