Wednesday, May 6, 2009

little tan man

It's 70 and sunny today here in Oklahoma! The past couple of days have been cold and rainy and I was in a lazy mood. It's hard for me to be productive when it's cold and gloomy out! But the sun is out and I'm in good spirits!!

We still have Andy in our lives, well, until tomorrow. His family comes home tomorrow!
For today, he's helping me stay on track while he gets a tan.

I need to list new things in my stelabird shop! I have pillows, pins, birds, and small birds to add! I just need to take pictures.

I do have new earrings at You're a dreamboat and I'll be listing these today and tomorrow! I love chrysanthemum earrings!

I hope it's sunny where you are and I hope you enjoy your day!


  1. Andy behaves like such a cat, will you guys be sad when he is gone? You might have to get your own doggy!

    Also I like that Humpty Dumpty background paper...

  2. He really does!
    We will be super sad when he leaves, even though we'll still see him (he's our friends) it's not the same! haha

  3. it is so cute when animals sun bathe!

  4. Andy sunning himself, too cute, I'm going to miss his little face on your blog when he goes home.

  5. those kind of dogs are such characters i love the hair do! so uniqe. i've been trying to get my kitten to love the sunshine like i do but she just squints her eyes. im convinced i will have the first kitten to love the sunshine, maybe even the beach. haha.

  6. it is sunny here, thank you very much! we're having a beautiful day too! i'm glad you guys have some nice weather after so much dreariness.

    andy is so funny! our kitty, lily, looooves the sunshine so much. she'll find a little sliver anywhere and lay in it for as long as it lasts. i'm sad that andy's leaving you guys! :( hopefully, his family goes out of town often so you can babysit some more!

  7. heheheee that little dog!!! The hair on the little dog!!! Am I bad for giggling?!? :D