Monday, May 25, 2009

We've had Dexter for 5 days now!
He's been amazing.

Is having our first dog what we expected?
Yes and no.
I didn't expect him to pee inside after coming in from outside. He's done that twice. Good thing we have wood floors.
I also didn't expect his toots to be so smelly! yuck
I did expect to be patient with him, yelp when he gets too playful and bites us, give him his chew toy when he starts biting furniture, and watch him like a hawk.

Dexter gets us up early (6-7am: early for us sleeepyheads) so he can potty. It's actually a good thing, I forgot how much I love mornings. So quiet, cool, and peaceful.

Despite puppy time I've listed some new mini owls in my shop!

and these babies are new to You're a Dreamboat


  1. Aw, he's adorable! Once he gets older he'll grow out of the biting and using the bathroom as often. Can't wait to see more updates!

  2. oooooh yes....peeing inside from out...that is why i suggested the pee-pads. :-) he is adorable. BTW- I wore my teal chrysanthemum earrings this weekend and love love them1 AND I blogged about Oklahoma - I was in Oklahoma City last week for work. It is so nice and clean!! Hope you are enjoying Memorial Day with Riley and Dexter and whoever else!

  3. awwww but he's so cute! He's like a doll dog!

  4. Dexter is so cute! I love the picture of him asleep by the keyboard.

  5. We have yorkipoos. We call them Dorkipoos. Love your little Dexter!! it gets a lot better. Mine are free range in the house now and no accidents in almost a year!! We got TWO at the same time!! Not recommended. Enjoy!! Love your little owls too!!


  6. he's gotten bigger already!! what a little cutie pie! and, don't worry, potty training is hard for everyone! soooo hard. i'm sure you guys are doing a fantastic job.

    your new owls and earrings are adorable!

  7. Oh Dexter, peeing inside, what a stinker. Hermie still wakes us up early, he likes a presnack to his real breakfast.

    Dexter sleeping by the computer, sooooo cute!!

  8. Potty training is the worst! When we first got Pepper I thought I was going to lose my mind. She peed so often! We started keeping a potty journal to learn her schedule- it only told us she was peeing every half hour!!!! I thought she'd never get trained, but now she tells us when she has to go.

  9. Dexter is so cute! And yeah potty training was awful with my doxie too! I used the pee pads and I think that works good, but if you are home more maybe just going outside is better! I also love the new owls! :)

  10. your hand made owls are just the cutest, nice blog ,bird-girl.

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