Monday, June 29, 2009

me monday

It felt like a random fact day, so here is my me monday post!

1. I've never had a cavity
2. I love 40s music
3. I'm allergic to avocados & bananas, which is a huge bummer because I love them both.
4. I hate the movies where one bad thing happens after another. Like those comedies where someone is constantly getting hurt. Those really get on my nerves.
5. Nail biter. I've been trying to break the habit for years.
6. I love alone time.
7. I'm getting The Sims 3 tomorrow (hopefully!) and I'm super pumped. woot woot!

What are some random facts about you?

Also this Wednesday I'm having an OWL SNUGGLY GIVEAWAY!!! So please come back for that.


  1. I'm allergic to bananas and avacado too! And cantalope. I still eat them occasionally, but it is always a bad idea. :(

  2. cute pic, I would be so sad to be allergic to bananas and avocados, too. :(

    random me: I got married overlooking the Pacific Ocean one morning in August.

  3. I can bend only the top of my finger.
    I have a severe phobia of blood.
    I love chocolate.
    I just got back from Rome and Sweden is actually a lot warmer - hopefully this will be a real, warm summer.
    My feet hurt and they hate me because I walked so much.
    I got all my cavities since I moved away from home. Probably bad water, more flouride where my mum lives. Or something.
    This is getting too random.

  4. I have also never had a cavity, which seems to be a rarity these days.

    Bummer about being allergic to avocados and bananas!

  5. What happens if you DO eat anything with bananas or avocados (or both)?

    I think it's cool that you can hang by yourself. I can too, for short periods of time. Then I start talking to myself, and that's when I realize that loneliness is setting in.

    Here is some randomness about me:

    1. I painted my toenails purple this weekend, and it looks pretty awesome.

    2. I'm in my underwear right now, lol. I turn the air up when I'm not going to be here, and it was sooooo hot when I came home that I had to lose the clothes.

    3. I'm cooking lemon herb chicken and fresh corn on the cob for dinner tonight. I keep looking at the clock to see if it's time to eat yet, because I've been craving this all day.

  6. I've never had a cavity either (knock on wood). Mom's side has good teeth :)
    Random fact: I've seen every episode of LOST at least 5 times.

  7. oo I have a mild avacado/banana/melon/carrot allergy too! It has something to do with a protein in those foods.

    Are you allergic to latex?

  8. It makes me quite sad that you are allergic to avocados! Sorry to rub it in your face on my blog! I am allergic to deodorant! Which is a pain when you live in Texas! I used to be allergic to chocolate too, not sure how I figured out I wasn't anymore.

  9. What a great idea for a blog post! I might have to borrow that one :)

    random fact: my husband and I share the same b-day, July 6 (just 4yrs apart)

  10. I also got married overlooking the Pacific Ocean... However, it was an evening.

    My favorite random fact to give at random fact round the tables is that I can lick my own elbow.

  11. Random fact about meee?
    I have never had a cavity, broken a bone or had any severe injury, and I'm not allergic to anything! Not bragging at all... I sort of think it's weird!! I have, however, had some really severe paper cuts I'd like to forget about! ;) lol

  12. aah I love Sims 3! I didn't at first, because I had all this downloaded custom content from Sims 2 that I could no longer use, but now I love it! The customization in this is so much fun.. How you can create a style.. that's my favorite. I could talk forever about my sims and how I love that you can have an insane Sim who randomly yells at others and swims in their formalwear.. but I'll stop now :)

    and props to the no cavities! my teeth are like cavity magnets. i can't remember the last time i went to the dentist and i didn't have a cavity. i brush twice a day and floss and use fluoride but nope.. i always have atleast one.

  13. Grey is allergic to avocados, too. So is his dad.

  14. i often mistake my middle name for my twin sisters. its silly really but its lynn and leigh how confusing. at least its not are first names.. plus i prefer leigh but mine is lynn or is it the other way around.. geez this is just embarrasing not random. oh well.

  15. I can pitch really hard with my toes. I love tomatoes and pasta sauce but hate ketchup. Slugs give me the willies, but I think snails are cool.