Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our wedding is about 4 months away and so far this is what we've done:

*Snagged our ceremony location

*Picked our bridal party and officiant.
*Found our cupcakes & cake maker.
*Kinda figured out the guest list...kinda.

I have my wedding notebook full of ideas, I just haven't executed any of them yet. Most of those ideas are things I need to make or buy from etsy. And also, we're not having a full on reception so that eliminates a lot of stress and planning.

We're making our own invitations so I've been brushing up on my drawing this week.
Here's a peek at some of my doodles.

We're excited!


  1. love the drawings! those are going to be so cute as invitations! i love dexter in his bowtie.

    the bulk of my wedding planning was the 2 months before my wedding. actually most of it was the month before... it was mainly doing all the little projects i imagined in my head. if you can get some of those squared away then you should be golden!

  2. THIS IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE! Sorry, I couldn't resist :) I was hoping you were doing something fun with your invitations, oh man I can't wait to see the completed ones so you'll have to be sure to post! My heart is so warm right now :) <3

  3. Casey- Thank you!! That's such a relief to hear. October sounds far away but 4 months doesn't!

    Renee- Haha! Thank you! I will definitely show our invite once it's completed

  4. Wow, I am sure those invites will be amazing! I love your sketches

  5. You are doing a great job with all this, girl! The illustrations are SO cute.