Tuesday, August 30, 2011

at the shop...

We love wood pallets and all the awesome things you can make with them!
Not only are they a free source of wood but you are giving them
new life. 
Here's a look at how we use pallets in our shop.

This is part of our greeting card display. The string of lights on the
pallet adds a great ambiance to our shop. 

Here we have a wood pallet for our headband display.

We used a pallet here as a partition. On the other side we attached
pegboard so we could use it to hang merchandise.  

Here we are using a pallet for our window display backdrop.  

Riley put together a simple table for us at the shop. 

And here is our coffee table at home. For this table he sanded it, 
added coffee table legs and a glass top. We can place
our remote, coasters and books in the center part. 

**When looking for pallets be sure to look for solid wood pallets that
have been untreated. Also avoid pallets that have been shipped
from overseas. These usually are chemical treated.
You'll want to clean and sand your new wood pallet and let sit in 
the sun for a week before using; especially if it will be in your
home or anywhere people will come into contact with it.  

2 things I would love to do next with wood pallets: 

1. An accent wall for our shop

2. a headboard 

Have a lovely Tuesday! 


  1. Love the pallet headboard! Rustic and elegant...who'd a thunk it? :)

  2. This is so cool. I never would have thought to do anything like this. I usually just tear mine apart and use them for firewood. Now I have something even more fun to do!

  3. The headband display is super cute!

  4. I also adore this! Especially the card rack! You and the hubs are just so crafty :)

  5. This is a great use for the pallets. I don't think I had ever thought of using them in this way. I really like your site and I'm looking forward to coming back again.

  6. Awesome uses for these things! I would have to buy everything in a store that used pallets for display racks! Very original ideas.

    (Saw your ad on another blog!)

  7. i've been on the hunt.. but it seems no one wants to give them up. Craig is suppose to be checking with work to see if he can have some.. but when he hired in they said if he took them.. he'd get fired. hah. so we have to make sure. I never thought they'd be so hard to find! grrr.

    love everything you've done with them!!!!