Monday, August 15, 2011

my craft space

We've been living in this new place for 5 months now and I finally got my craft space together. I've had my sewing machine in a corner but it wasn't inspiring at all. I'm trying to get back into creating again and refilling the local boutiques I sell at, including my own. Ever since opening up my local boutique I've had the hardest time getting back into making products for stelabird
 and doing craft shows. I'm hoping that putting my craft space together will inspire me to get back to work on Stelabird. Here's a peek around my craft space! 

my little helper

Today is my day off so I better use this valuable time to start making some owl snugglies & felt birds! 
What do you do to help inspire you? 



  1. Is that big cupboard a built-in or a piece of furniture?? It's fabulous!

    That is the cleanest craft room I have ever seen. Now, get in there and get it all messy!!

  2. It's built in! I absolutely love it. This home was built around 1907.
    I'm glad I've documented it while it's clean because it's definitely not going to stay that way!

  3. Your craft space it too adorable! Did you make the banners? They're great!


  4. Thank you gabby! I did make the banner

  5. Love it! Love the bunting and the GREEN wall color! Yay! Isn't it funny that even on a "day off" we work? Teehee :) Good thing it doesn't seem like work!