Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A year ago in photos

(ok so, this is 2 years ago) We were painting the counter with chalkboard paint! The business that was in our location before us had left their counter behind. It was too heavy to just throw out so we found a way to make it our own. 

That day Riley also made the baseboards for our shop! I forget our floors were blue (they are gray now). 

I love looking back at iphoto to see what I was doing that day a year ago to see what has changed. 
Last year's photo wasn't too exciting so I opted for 2 years ago. Who am I kidding, last year's photo was great! 

Dexter at Sonic

What were you doing a year (or 2) ago?


  1. I love looking back to see how much we've changed. 2 years back I was doing an incredibly boring office job, from which I run away. And a year back I was literally every single morning checking my hair in the mirror, to see them grow longer. I found it hard to forgive my own self for cutting my long hair so extremely short.

  2. I have really enjoyed watching the shop evolve with you guys! It's been such an exciting ride.

    On this day a year ago, I was probably wishing I could have a job like the one I have now. Yay for change!