Wednesday, December 7, 2011

28 before 28: Learning how to crochet

I'm so excited to cross something off my 28 before 28 list! 
I get to cross out #7: Learn to crochet!
I've been wanting to learn for some time and so I finally bought a book to help me learn in 2008. I was so confused and didn't understand the photos, I wanted to pull my hair out. I was able to learn how to knit from a book, why couldn't I learn how to crochet?! After awhile I felt defeated and stop trying to learn. 

 Now here we are in 2011 and I decided this was a good year to try again. I put it on my goal list so I could see it everyday and finally give it another go. 
Husband suggested to watch a video tutorial. Why didn't I think of that in 2008?! 
So I sat down with my hook and yarn on Monday and watched several tutorials on youtube. And guess what friends...
That little strip was my first attempt. Crocheting was fun to learn and I'm so mad I gave up so easily last time. What was I thinking?! I will admit it took a few hours to get it looking decent. 
I didn't want to cross #7 off my list until I actually made something, so last night  I decided to make a crochet headband.
I'm pretty happy with the end result!
*I learned how to make the headband with THIS video.*


  1. are you SERIOUS!? you JUST learned how to crochet and you made THAT gorgeous thing?? I hardly believe it. It's gorgeous.. I've always wanted to learn how to do this. you've encouraged me.. This would be a nice little something to have in my back pocket the further along I get in pregnancy when I can't do anything else..

    Thanks for the link! I'm going to try my hand at it soon!

  2. you did great!! wanna do a swap?? I have the perfect thing to send ya :D

  3. so jealous! that is incredible!


  4. Too pretty! Love the chunky yarn and the funky lime!

  5. Too pretty! Love the chunky yarn and the funky lime!

  6. Well done!! Your headband turned out great and I love the color you chose. It looks so snug! I love to crochet. It definitely keeps me occupied when I need a break from sewing.

  7. Cutest! And looks like it'll fit right in at the shop. My boyfriend learned how to make a cube out of BuckyBalls from YouTube the other night after hours of frustration. How did we ever live without that site?

  8. Super awesome Stela!!! I'm so proud of you! You know you can sell those right? They would totally sell. Congratulations on your achievement. I've never learned. Cross stitching but never crochet.

  9. That's great! You did an awesome job. I've been wanting to learn too and now I feel inspired. :)

    Btw I'm the one who came into your store the other day with my son (he kept waving). Haha.

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  11. Congratluations! That headband is so cute (and my favorite color too!) I would like to learn how to crochet, I think I learn better watching videos than reading a book - except when it came to embroidery. But good for you! =D

  12. You're so talented! That is adorable and I always love the colors you choose for things. :)