Friday, December 9, 2011

I just discovered the blog Cat vs Human and it is hilarious! I love all of her drawings; they are adorable and funny. And even though Dexter is a dog I can totally relate to Sleeping with Cats. 

This print makes me happy! 
Can someone please yarn bomb the trees outside my shop? I love this!
This is an adorable greeting card of winter animals! Aren't they so warm and cozy in their fancy winter wear?
So pretty & tasty looking! 
LOVE everything about this room! 
This Peppermint Cocoa Mix DIY makes a great gift that everyone would love!
I'm in love with the gold and black eyeshadow for holiday parties!

What are your plans this wonderful weekend? 
I hope to go to a play at our local theatre and perhaps do lots of knitting & crocheting. I made a slouch beanie tonight for Riley that I'll have to share with you guys! I'm obsessed. I can't put down the yarn!

Have a happy Friday! ♥


  1. Somebody yarn bombed a couple of trees at our local forest preserve! It was pretty cool.

    And yes, that bedroom is awesome.

  2. I love the trees, the macaroons and the make up.

  3. Have an awesome weekend Stela! Those trees are killing me! HAHAHA Too funny :D

  4. Hahaha. The butt warmer. Love that. Love that bedroom too! Have a great weekend, Stela! xo, Mary

  5. Oh wow, all sorts of cool links in this post. I can relate to the cats. When I was a kid I would sleep over at a friend's house where two VERY spoiled cats lived and they took over everything.

  6. Ha! I literally just posted my Links of Love list and noticed we both had Cat Versus Human! I love her blog. She is to flipping funny!
    Links of Love!

  7. that yellow room is just perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  8. "Sleeping with cats" is very funny cartoon-like drawing! Eeli

  9. Ha! Love the yarn-bombed trees! And I will be making everyone a hot chocolate kit using mason jars this holiday season! =)