Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I love...

Christmas movies!!
Here are my top 3...

I've been watching these movies already several times this week. I love them so much. It's been busy at the shop and when I come home I have to make scarves to restock our store; so it's nice to watch these movies while I knit. They do a great job of getting you into the holiday spirit. 

What are you favorite Christmas movies?


  1. You picked my number one as well - Love all things Chuck and Snoopy! Great choices for the holidays. Hope yours are happy!

  2. I love these too! If you truly enjoy Christmas movies you MUST SEE Christmas Story (finland) which is their true story of Santa - it is now my #1 x-mas movie. So my list is:

    1. Christmas Story (finland)
    2. Jingle All The Way
    3. Elf

    Oh yeah - love christmas!

    Brandi - Keeping It Indie
    via Etsy Blog Team

  3. These are definitely my faves too. I also love those animated Cristmas specials from the 60s, like Rudolph, etc. They're actually really weird, but it doesn't feel like Christmas if I don't see them on tv at least once a year.

  4. I love a Charlie Brown Christmas too and the soundtrack! I also love Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. :)