Wednesday, January 4, 2012

tough guy

When I wear these boots I feel tough.  Like I could rough someone up. 
Maybe have a motorcycle. But in reality I'm not and wouldn't do that. 
That's totally not me.
But I absolutely love these boots and wear them quite often. 
Do you have a piece of clothing or pair of shoes that make you feel like a different person? 


  1. Something about my Timberland Hiking Boots do the same thing~I feel invincible in them! Like yours too!

  2. i feel the same way in cowboy boots! like i need to ride a horse off into the sunset after saving someone! happy wednesday!

  3. These are lovely! What make are these? I'm a boot girl myself. They all give me a different attitude. These are great. i must have a pair!!

  4. I thought this post would be about exercise! LOL

    My new boots give me a Biker/European vibe. Boots are so fun!

  5. I'm so glad the combat boot trend came back! Like Alma, I'm a boot girl, all the way... I find them so empowering!

    Wouldn't you rather be wearing boots in an emergency, instead of heels?


  6. I love your blog!! And your boots are reallly cute! I want them ! :))


  7. I love them! Hmmm, maybe my leather jacket. :D

  8. They look nice, although not as tough as my floral Doc Martens.. :D

  9. Ohhhh where did you get those? I'm actually considering getting a motorcycle someday...and those boots are PERFECT! :) Love them!