Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1. I can't stop wearing my infinity scarf.
2. Blogging and coffee help make a perfect morning.
3. This is where you can find Dexter everyday at work.
4. Our ceiling. Love it.
5. Coffee run with my love.
6. My favorite breakfast: hard boiled egg and asparagus. 
7. It was a bit cold outside.
8. Cuddling my little dog.
9. Getting ready 
10. Welcoming 2012
11. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!
12. Tomato basil, pasta salad and a chocolate covered strawberry.
13. Our shop's neighbor, the Broadway Tower
14. beep beep boop

Husband gave me an iPhone 4s for Christmas so I've been taking pictures
 like crazy. I also joined instagram a week ago and am pretty obsessed.
 Here are some photos of what I've been up to lately. 
You can follow me on instagram @stelabird! 


  1. Infinity scarves are definitely the best! I can't ever take mine off either. So cozy. xo, rv


  2. These are all fantastic. I really need to take more photos. I wish my camera wasn't so heavy.

    via Etsy Blog Team

  3. The mug that's next to your computer is gorgeous!! Love that scarf, it looks so warm and comfy :)

  4. Cute photos. I love your yellow scarf and your dog is absolutely adorable!

  5. Love the photo-gallery post! All teh best in 2012 - and hope your shop is bustling!

  6. Loving the make ups and infinity scarf!

  7. Ok, seriously we have so much in common, just about every picture could have been mine...the dog, the coffee, the blog, the breakfast, the make up the ceiling!! Just loving your blog!

  8. My iphone is about to give out, so I'll have to get a 4S too. It takes wonderful pictures. I love instagram. Will have to look you up when I install it. Loving that tomato basil, pasta salad and chocolate covered strawberry! YUM! I just bought an infinity scarf. They are nice! :D