Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my week through instagram

When I feel like dressing up my cardigan, I use buttons.
dangerous but delicious
sparkling blackberry yumminess
little cat doesn't care (one of my favorite thrift store finds)
product picture taking
Andrew Bird and tea is a lovely way to start off my day at the shop
pom pom party
handmade pretties
rainy day boots
so thankful to be married to such a talented man
bracelet making
Dexter loves watching the Puppy Bowl
mustache madness at the shop this week 


  1. i always wear buttons on my cardigan! :-)

  2. Your photo triggered vivid memories of my compulsive bracelet-making period —at 14, or so.
    Awesome week. I can almost feel it, taste it and hear it! ^_^

  3. Your rainy day boots are AWESOME, and I'm loving the yarn photo too. That would make a cute print for a fiber artist!

  4. Buttons are such a fun way to dress up cardigans! I need to do that more often. Love your mix of photos.

  5. I love to wear pins and brooches too, I guess that's obvious since I make and sell them. :) The kitty and all the handmade jewelry are awesome!

  6. Love Andrew Bird & tea! Such a great, happy combo!

  7. LOVE the Warhol/Velvet Underground button! :)

  8. That handmade jewelry is gorgeous! And Dexter is such a cute fluffball :)

    xo, Megan

  9. looove that an embroidery! and andrew bird :)