Monday, April 23, 2012

Make It // Colorblock Wood Ring

Hi friends! I have a quick & simple DIY for you today!
I'm loving bright colors with neutral tones/wood so for today's Make It 
I'm going to share how to make a colorblock ring (and other things)! 
Let's get started! 
You will need:
wood nickel
paint brush
ring base
painter's tape
With your painter's tape you will want to cover the wood nickel where 
you don't want it painted. Paint the exposed wood and let it dry!
 Once it's dry peel off the tape. 
Again, tape where you don't want painted and paint the exposed
 wood nickel. Do this with each color you do.
I did 3 colors and here is my completed colorblock wood nickel! 
Now it's time to turn it into a ring.
I use E-6000 to glue my ring base onto the wood nickel.
 You can find ring bases at most local hobby shops.
Not a ring person? Here are a couple more uses:
Add a pin back to your wood nickel and you have a pin to wear! 
These are so fun, easy and addictive to make! 

Happy Making! 


  1. this is awesome! i really want to make magnets from them!

  2. SO cute. I really like them as magnets. And if you're making them assembly-line style, you could bust out a TON in one sitting. I love that.

  3. You are just too awesome!!! Love this! Cute idea!

  4. I've made some similar to these...yours are so so cute! That reminds me, do you seal yours with anything or just leave the paint/wood as is?

    1. Thanks Mary! The ones above are not sealed but I have sealed my others!

  5. Great idea Stela! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. You're right that there are so many possibilities for this fun technique.

  6. Great tutorial, thank you for sharing! :)

  7. This is a great and fun DIY. I rarely wear rings, so I'll
    make a brooch instead :)

  8. These are so cute! I love the magnet Idea and of course the ring! Awesome!!

  9. What a great DIY! I LOVE the ring, and the magnet idea is so cool too. Definitely trying this.

  10. So simple and AWESOME, love the colors!

  11. OMIGOD!!!!!! love this! i wanna make a pin!

  12. this is such an adorable idea! i love painting things :) xx