Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Facts!

Here are some random facts about yours truly!

1. I love spoilers! I'll wikipedia the show or movie while I'm watching it. 
When reading, I read the last page. I'm outta control guys.

2. One of my favorite movies (and soundtrack) to date is the french film Amélie
The story makes me happy and the colors are so beautiful!

3. I'm a big fan of sleep. I'm an even bigger fan of dreaming! 
I use to have a dream decoder book and journal as a kid. 

4. I really wish I could pull off lipstick but I feel so silly wearing it.
 I'm a clear lipgloss, lip balm kind of girl. 

5. I don't have a middle name. I'm simply Estela Jantzen. 

What are some random facts about you? 
Have a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. ha! cute! i also like sleeping and dreaming, only wearing lipgloss and i don't have a middle name either!

  2. I feel weird in lipstick, too! I really only wear it for Halloween.

    Here's a fact I wish weren't true: sometimes people ask if my husband and I are siblings. Um, NO. We're both tall with brown hair, so I guess that makes him my brother, according to some people? It's strange.

  3. Love your pic :)
    Add me to the anti-lipstick crowd. I think I've worn it like twice my whole life. Just not for me.
    Great post :)

  4. I have to know what the movie is about before watching it. So I google the movie and end up spoiling it! And I'm the same way with lipstick.

  5. I also don't have a middle name! =D I don't mind lipstick too much as long as it stays on but usually by mid-morning it wears off and I just leave it lol!

  6. Fun!

    Oh I have to go with u on lipstick one!
    ...I am crazy about miniatures, I used to collect beetles when I was a kid, I love inventing recipes using my own secret ingredient!
    ..and I have a middle name:D

  7. I used to read the end of books but only do it occasionally now!
    I'm a lipstick girl all the way! If I wear lip gloss, I constantly like my lips til it's gone in like 5 minutes!

  8. I know, I wish I could pull off the bright red lipstick, I love the look but just can't do it. I feel like a clown... and I get so angry when people spoil movies or books for me!! Argh :)

  9. Man, you and Ben on that first one! Trouble. I used to have an extensive lipstick collection, but it weirds Ben out, so now I only wear it for special occasions. Plus, I don't wanna be the mama with red marks all over her baby and I cannot resist kissing her all the time!

  10. Oh, I love sleeping!
    Sometimes I fear that I may have missed out in some really great things because I chose to sleep instead...

  11. You love spoilers? :-o
    Erm, ok...

    Random things about me... I dunno... I used to have dreams (at night) that came true quite often but not so much anymore.

  12. Amelie is one of my favorites too! In fact, Mitch and I have talked about using that name if we ever have a daughter.

    A random fact about me is that the first thing I do every day when I wake up is look out the window. I sit straight up in bed and lean toward the window, splitting the blinds as quickly as possible. I don't really know why I do it. I guess part of me wants to see what the weather is like and the other part wants to make sure the world is still there. ;-)

  13. #1 and #4 are totally me. And I have the Amelie soundtrack in my car right now!