Sunday, May 27, 2012

28 before 28 // 6 month recap

For my birthday last year, I decided to do a goal list: 28 before 28. I made a list of 28 things I wanted to do before I turned 28 this year. (Omg I'm going to be 28! I seriously feel like I'm 20something-else.) 
I've only completed 8 of my 28. I have quite a few goals to complete by November! Here's a recap of what I got to cross off my birthday goal list:
2. Go to SXSW Completed 4/18/12
7. Learn to crochet  Completed 12/7/11
8. Make something new Completed May 2012
14. Create an online shop for my boutique, The Felt Bird Completed 3/1/12
21. Redesign the blog Completed 1/1/2012
26. Have new features for my blog Completed 1/3/12 
27. Go a month without using my credit card Completed April & May 2012
28. Be happy & enjoy Life  Completed 

Now to complete the other 20 things on my list by November 27th!


  1. only 28? you're setting the bar high for when you turn 50. lol

  2. i am turning 28 too! (omg)
    wow girl! congrats on doing all of those! that's impressive.
    keep it up :]

  3. this list is a great idea. i'll be turning 24 next month...i think we should all look forward to our birthdays! i'd like to learn how to sew/crochet/knit as well.

  4. I know, I'm going to be 27 and I feel like that's too old! lol. Feels like high school was yesterday...glad it wasn't but hey.

  5. Great list! I think your next list should include, Go to ACL!