Thursday, May 3, 2012

life lately // through instagram

Dexter is ready to get his day started with a game of fetch.
I can't stop making these! Learn how to here.
Catalog party! Market is next month and we're still deciding if we're going 
or not.
 Guys, I'm so crazy for blended coke floats right now! 
Can't stop loving them!
Dexter leading us on a walk around our neighborhood.
Husband filling our home with beautiful music before work. 
Dexter loves to work really hard at the shop.
Dexter really took over my instagram this week! If you looked through my 
photo album on my phone you would see that more than half is of this little guy. 
Bought three new nail polishes the other day. I can never chose just one.
Yesterday morning we sat outside on our porch and I edited photos for yesterday's post. I love that porch.  
This elephant and I are twinsies. 

You can find me on instagram; my username is stelabird.


  1. Dexter!!! YOu and Nells have so much in common!!!

    Love you Dexter.... and cutie nails!!!

    1. They do!! I wish Nells & Dexter could hang out and be silly together!

  2. your pup is just so darn cute!


  3. The pictures of Dexter are always my favorite :) Glad there are so many this week :)

  4. Love instagram! And your dog is AMAZING!! is it a poodle? Or a poodle mix?
    following you now <3

    1. He's a mix of poodle and schnauzer!

  5. Looks like life has been treating you well lately! Enjoy my friend!

  6. Love the mix of photos! Your dog is adorable as always. I hope that you're able to continue enjoying the nice weather!