Tuesday, June 5, 2012

at the shop // new window display

Last Friday, to welcome June, we started on a new window display! 
We brainstormed and try to think up something we hadn't done before. 
Husband started describing what popped into his head and got to work...
He started by building a wood frame and hanging that from the ceiling. 
He put nails in the wood randomly and started hanging pieces of scrap
wood with twine. 
I LOVE the way it turned out. And the bonus awesome thing is that it was
free! We already had all the supplies used. 
Here's a night shot, because we had terrible glare on our windows 
during the day. We also put in our platform that we built with 
galvanized pipe and a wood top to showcase a gift item. 

We'll keep this back drop (we change out our merchandise weekly) till fall! 
We're already dreaming up our holiday window. That one is the most fun! 



  1. Aw, a precious red giraffe!

    I love the verticality of your display... it's soothing. Oh! Imagine how much it would change if you were to project lights from below/above! :o

    (I just noticed the T-rex: Rawr!)

  2. It looks fantastic. I've recently become obsessed with seeing how stores make displays, and this is a beautiful one!!

  3. Bravo! I absolutely love this one! Very striking!

  4. Oh I love that so much!!! It's so creative and looks so warm and inviting! Congrats!

  5. This looks amazing! Very Anthro. Such a great idea!

  6. I love it! So simple and effective.

  7. That looks very cool! I like the photo that shows your shop name and the display. Original and it doesn't make you stick with one style for your every changing merchandise.

  8. It looks amazing! I LOVE it- what a creative hubby you have:)

  9. I would have never thought of that! I love how it looks at night with the light shining on it

  10. omg! i love it so much!!!!! riley is a genius!

  11. I love the way it looks! It's rustic and kind of modern at the same time. Kudos to your husband for a job well done. :)

  12. This looks like it was a fun project and it looks great at night! I love a great handy man around...like my husband.