Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Facts

Here are some random facts about yours truly! 

1. I have butter fingers. And it usually involves food. I've dropped boxes of pizza, a birthday cake, ice cream, drinks, etc. It's quite heartbreaking.

2. I have a weird habit where I can't wear my right shoe when I sew. I slip it off and put my barefoot to the pedal. 

3. I love lemons. I use to eat them with salt when I was younger. Now I just squeeze a few lemons in a bowl with sliced cucumbers and salt when I need a lemony treat.   

4. I love driving. This works out for husband because he doesn't like it. 

5. I'm indecisive. This sucks because as a business owner I'm constantly having to make decisions. I'm lucky to have husband as my business partner to help me figure it out, because I can seriously go in a circle on stuff. 

What are some random facts about you?
Have an amazing Wednesday!


  1. Feel you on the indecisive thing... I think we just need to go with our gut more.

    Let's see, random fact... I love avacados! I can eat them by themselves, on sandwiches, tacos, salads, or make my favorite, guacamole.

    Could live off the things!

    1. I'm with you on the avocados! I've been having avocado tacos almost every day.

  2. Interesting fact about removing your shoe! I keep mine on though ;-)
    I don't like driving and there are days when I seem to drop everything!!

  3. You remove one shoe? I don't like wearing shoes!
    And I like dinosaurs

  4. ha so fun to learn these funzie things about you Stela! Funny cuz I have a bit of buttery fingers too, it drives me CRAZY!!! and it's in the kitchen too so frustrating LOL

  5. You have butter fingers? What should I say of mine? I find we have a few things in common!

  6. I had butterfingers earlier this week too! I was washing beer mugs to ship out and dropped one!!! That was a lot of glass to clean up!
    My boyfriend does all our driving...he thinks I'm a bad driver...LOL :)

  7. I liked to know a little bit more about you. I love driving and I hate any kind of light when I go to sleep!

  8. I am also indecisive! I like your idea of putting lemon on cucumbers with salt...I am so trying that! A random fact about me is: I can make tofu french fries! Strangely enough it is the only think I cook that other people seem to like!

    Have a lovely day!

  9. I like the lemon thing - while I've never had them with salt, I do eat them sometimes like an orange. I don't like when cake and ice cream are served on the same plate at a birthday party, no soggy cake for me.

  10. I've already dropped something this morning...some weeks I have that problem.

    I'm being indecisive about something this morning. :)

  11. Funny, I'm the decisive one in the relationship while my husband just goes in circles!

    I drop food a lot, too. Usually onto myself or the couch. Salsa is especially treacherous.

  12. I also sew bare-foot! both feet though cause if it's only one shoe, I feel totally off! Haha, love your random facts!


  13. I can't sew with shoes on either. I love learning random facts. lol

  14. Ha! I am so indecisive, my husband hates grocery shopping with me because I will stand there and debate over a can of soup for like 10 min.

  15. I am so indecisive too! It is really hard for me. I have to have my fiance decide for me which annoys the crap out of him. I went grocery shopping by myself for the first time in a long time on Monday. It took me twice as long to do it just because I was so indecisive about stuff! Ha!

  16. Ah, I also take my right shoe off when I use my sewing machine! I also take off my shoe when I drive, except when I'm wearing a shoe that I can't easily take it off, like a boot. Another random fact: I hate grocery shopping. One time I ran out of food for lunches and waited until my boyfriend would go with me the next day because I knew he would make me go. It's really that bad lol.

    the lemonade stand

  17. How funny! We have one thing completely in common and one way we are complete opposites. I love lemons too. I can't drink my iced tea without it. My co-workers were grossing out the other day when I was eating a lemon wedge. But the driving thing, I HATE driving! My kids loved it (many moons ago) when they got their drivers license because I asked them to drive me everywhere.

  18. That's so funny, I love limes! I used to put salt on them and eat them when I was little, and now I eat them with cucumbers! I like the small limes though, the always have the most juice! And I enjoy driving too, especially down old two lane roads.

  19. I love this! I'm also very indecisive. Found you through the blog hop and am following you now :)