Thursday, July 19, 2012

Behind the Scenes

I wanted to share a couple of photos with you today of some behind 
the scenes from my latest Make It post.
 Dexter is always around when it's time for me to take my blog photos. 
 He's done this since the beginning and I'm happy I finally took pictures of his silliness. 
I'll set up my area for photo taking and he'll come and check out what I'm doing. He'll act all casual and people watch from his little spot in the store window. 
After a few minutes of that he'll come to me and sit on my lap when I sit down. 
I hate to tell him to move so I make and take photos with him on me until I have to stand up. I can be such a pushover with him sometimes. And I think he knows it. 
And here he is again when I was taking pictures for yesterday's post
He'll get in the shot, but when I put the focus on him he'll look the other direction. As you can see in these photos, he won't even look at the camera. 
 I just want to give him a noogie sometimes.  

What silly thing does your pet do? 


  1. Be thankful yours is active. All mine does is sleep, eat, snore!

  2. What a little ham :) I love that he likes to be with you all the time :)
    Harley tried to help me do pilates the other day...not a good idea. I was laughing so hard I couldn't finish!

  3. My dog steals my spot literally ALL the time. If I'm on the couch and I get up for a moment, she hops right up and makes herself comfortable right there. It's so frustrating, but she just gives me this "what..? I love you!" look and I can't stay mad at her :)

  4. Absolutely precious! I wish my boss would let me bring my dog to work! LOL I just got allowed to go part time to work in Innov8ive Knits more so when I work at him now I guess technically he will be at my work :)

  5. Haha...that's pretty great! Pets know exactly when it's NOT a good time for lap time and always take advantage!

  6. he's so cute! I love my dog...i'd bring him every where if I could!

  7. My dog, steals green tomatoes off of my plant because he thinks they are tennis balls. :/

  8. I'm just in love with your dog! He reminds me so much of my pup. If they ever met, they would probably be bff's

  9. Too cute! Pets can be the best helpers.

  10. So cute! My 14 pound dog snores like a lumberjack...

  11. haha! What a sweetheart. Love Mr. Dexter.. Love that he really won't look in the camera.. lolz. Our furry friends have the best personalities :)