Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

Love this gold tube bracelet DIY! They look fantastic layered too. 
I just bought this tiny pocket tank pattern from Grainline! Now to find the perfect fabric!
So excited to start on this project. 
I love this colorful feather print from Satchel & Sage
How cool is this treehouse?! It's like living in a little birdhouse! 
I recently read a book that mentioned this lady putting lemon slices and mint in ice cubes to put in her lemonade, and I thought that was brilliant! Of course, that's old news but it's new to me. Fruit-infused ice cubes? Brilliant. 

What are your favorite things this week?
Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Love your Friday favorites, especially the bracelet and the ice cubes.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Always enjoy seeing your Friday Favorites! That treehouse is awesome! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that tank! I love how the fabric looks as it scrolls up my computer screen :)
    And the feather is great with all its colors!

    They were building tree houses down in Missouri while we were visiting! They are large like a cabin and you can rent them for the cool!

  4. Love all of this! Great finds!


  5. I love how we always seem to pin the same DIYs. I didn't do a Pinterest post this week (too lazy and hot!), but I definitely have that bracelet tutorial marked. :-) Great taste, lady!

  6. LOVE the brown gold tube bracelets!! I am too lazy to do the ice cube thing...but Summer and mint or lemon ice cubes would be a perfect combo! TFS!

  7. We have actually started using fruit cubes this summer, they work so well!!

  8. Feather print is so cool!

    I also love the idea of fruit cubes!
    ...great finds:)

  9. I just recently learned about putting slices of cucumber in your ice water for a refreshing cold drink! News to me! I think I would love the lemon cubes.

  10. omg I am loving those bracelets and that feather art! So glad I stumbled on your blog...I think I have found a new fave :-)

    Come on over and follow along my colorful blog...I think you'd enjoy it (but I might be a bit bias?! ha)

  11. The treehouse, the bracelets, it's all awesome! Hope you have a great weekend, Stela! :)

  12. that tree house is amazing!!! I love the top pattern, but the fabric made my eyes crossed. lol.

  13. The tree house is all kinds of awesome. The fruit infused ice cubes are a great idea, too. Have a good weekend!

  14. those bracelets are amaaaaaaaaaaaazing and that feather print is PERFECT for you!!!