Sunday, July 8, 2012

Song on Repeat // Honey Come Home

The song on repeat this week is Honey Come Home by The Head and the Heart. I'm crazy obsessed with this song right now. Actually, the whole album is excellent and that's on repeat but the song I start and end and start again with is this one. I hope you enjoy as much as I do...
Honey Come Home by The Head and the Heart on Grooveshark

Happy listening!


  1. I love TH&TH! I've watched them grow in popularity in the past year (I saw them at a tiny bar in Kansas City just last summer!) and they so deserve it! Such an amazing album, can't wait to hear more from them!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will take a listen to this band. When I get going with a band I love, I listen to nothing else. My husband laughs at me because I do that, listen over and over again but I cannot help myself.

    Have a great week, stay cool.


  3. TH&H are such an excellent band! If you get to see them in person you NEED to go, they sound just like the album. My favorite song is Cat's and Dogs!

    1. Oh yes! They are coming to Oklahoma in September and I'm definitely going!

  4. best concert i've ever been to. actually, i saw them when they were teensy and just opening for iron & wine. i liked them better than iron & wine! so talented.

  5. I love the head and the heart! Glad to hear that others do too! That's such a nice song :)

  6. just put this on my itunes wish list ... love it


  7. Wow, great song, I can't wait to check the rest of the album out!