Saturday, November 22, 2008

grr, where's my car?

How's everyone's Saturday so far?
Mine's good, I've been doing a lot of shopping online for Christmas! I should be in OKC shopping with my sister but I don't have a car! I took my car into the shop a couple days ago to get my driver's side lock fixed because it wasn't working. I called yesterday to find out the progress and let them know I was going out of town Saturday. The man checked in on it and when he got back to the phone he told me the guy working on it broke the door handle and it's not working. They ordered the part, it'll come in on Monday. WTH. The man was really nice and kept apologizing. The shopping wasn't urgent but I really wanted to hang out with my sister and shop, so I was sad. We have Riley's car but it's old and I would never dream of taking that thing on the highway!
So, here I am, spending my monies online!
Speaking of gifts, I got some in yesterday!!! My birthday is next week, and my bestie, Goldie sent me some presents!
She sent over a ton of goodies! Here are some:
Vintage flowers!

At her casa in TX she put some flowers she found in her bathroom furnace! I thought that was such a great way to cover up the ugly thing! It looked so cool. So for my bday she sent over some flowers for me to do the same!!
Next, she sent over some new art she's been working on!

and some soap she made!!

The other day I WON A GIVEAWAY!!! I was so excited! It was over at Crank Heart Pony's blog! I won the glitter vinyl sampler!! These are the ones I chose and received!

I may have some glittery bird wings soon!!
Ever since we got our homemade hot cocoa the other day we cannot get enough of it!!! And we put our new homemade marshmallows from Whimsy and Spice in there and it. is. amazing!

*Some new items in my shop are:

Now it's time to make some snugglies!
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Ooh I like the flowers in there, I have one of those in my bathroom too, it's actually kind of cool looking because it's vintage.

    I just went to your shop to purchase the owl snuggly and it's gone!

  2. I love the underwear in the soap!

  3. Underwear Soap...that's awesome!

    Today I've been wrapping things and listing gift wrap options in my shop!

  4. mmmm the hot chocolate looks so yummy!!!

  5. Online shopping is the best! I buy as many Christams gifts as I can online. You can't beat having them delivered to your front door. I did some shopping on Etsy today. Yay!

    I hope your car is better soon. :)


  6. Oh, and Happy early Birthday in case I don't get to say it next week! My house will be full of in-laws next week. Eeeekkkk! My husband's birthday is next week too.

    Jo again. :)

  7. oh how lucky you won a giveaway!!!
    I like that flower idea too!

  8. Whoa! She is like uber talented! Her art work is great. The flowers are a good idea! haha, cute soap! You got lots awesome of goodies! hehe Did you get that cup from etsy? I want one. :)

  9. Such cute goodies. I like the flowers in the furnace thing. I'll have to tell my mom about that since she has one of those in her bathroom. Happy almost birthday, Miss Stela! I look forward to seeing you at Deluxe.