Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a snuggly sunday

Today has been filled with making a wishlist on etsy, making snugglies while listening to Christmas music, and watching season 1 of 30 Rock (which I'm still watching).

Here's the finished snuggly!

It's now available in my shop!

Now I'll continue to snuggle under my blanket and watch 30 rock.
Can you tell I'm being a lazy butt?
What did you do this sunday?


  1. I went to church this morning, and then shopping with my friend! We always crave mexican food on Sundays, so we ate that. Then at home we fell asleep watching Jim Gaffigan. She's still asleep, haha. :] It's just one of those good lazy days.

  2. Amy Butler fabric!! YAY! I'm gonna have to buy one for myself as a Christmas gift now!!

  3. I totally took your advice on using amy butler fabric!!

  4. Viva la owl snuggly! I know thats what i was thinking this morning. We added 30 rock too! Since your watching it I*m guessing it*s good? We also got Dead Like Me. That's pretty cool, it's witty.

    We have been lazy today too, its to cold to do anything else but lay around wearing toe socks & sipping hot chocolate.