Monday, November 24, 2008

I should be doing a list of things right now

My brown eyes are back!!

I've been wearing blue contacts since August. They were starting to get old and make my eyes itchy. Plus they were an old prescription (hehe oops) so I couldn't see as clear. Those were the last pair I had so I decided to go back to BROWN!

I got my car back today and they tried to charge me for the door handle they broke. Luckily the guy told me the quote and when I called Friday to check on it he told me they broke the handle. They didn't fight with me, they just changed the price.
I can't believe this week is Thanksgiving! And next week is OSU's Dead week and then in 2 weeks is finals and Graduation!! It's all coming so fast! I have a paper, presentation and project due next week as well as a craft show next Saturday in Oklahoma City. I should be preparing for all that right now, but I'd rather blog and tell you about it.
I've been listing new snugglies in my shop today!

Ok, now to try and figure out what to do for dinner!
What's your favorite easy to make meal?


  1. welcome back to being a brown eyed girl. Congrats on the upcoming graduation! You must be so excited! I'll be seeing you at the show in OKC :)
    Now I need to paint some stuff to sell.....

  2. Another snuggly! yay! I need to get new contacts too. haha you just reminded me. congrats on the graduation! woohoo!

  3. I think pasta with tomato sauce is the easiest for me! and it is yummmmmy!

  4. I'm graduating next month too! eeeek! Are you ready?

    That snuggly looks extra snuggly. yum, apples!

  5. o wow, i cant put anything in my eyes, its too weird lol

  6. Hooray for brown eyes, and hooray for graduation!

    I've always wanted to wear glasses or get color contacts. Damn 20/20 vision! Just kidding.

  7. Hooray for us brown eye girls. :) Your owl is so cute. I would snuggle with him too.