Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today we are in Enid, OK! It's only an hour away from our home in Stillwater. We came here to do various things and one of them included feeding the family dog, Rocko!

He's a loving 1 1/2 year old beagle!

This is him knocking me over! Looks a little dramatic.

And then I got a little camera happy and started taking pictures of the neighbor's dogs! Sweet little guys, their barks sound like a squeaky toys.

We then went to get lunch at Port Lugano, an amazing cafe in Enid. If you ever find yourself in Enid, you MUST go there!
Here's my delicious lunch, pasta salad and tomato basil.

Next was to pick up some things at Riley's parents house but on the way we decided to drive by the High School.

Riley and I both went to school at Enid High but we didn't know each other. We actually met in Stillwater! So now it's super convenient for the Holidays since both our parents live in the same town. And what's funny is our moms knew each other before we did because they work at the same hospital.
We made our way to his parent's and guess what...more doggy pictures!!!!
I'm deprived of doggies so when I'm around any I MUST take pictures! Sorry.
Meet Max!! This is his mom's little guy, he's a 2 yr old puggle (pug & beagle mix).

Max doesn't like drinking out of a bowl of water. He prefers the bath tub.

This is Butler. He barks at everyone. If you get too close he runs outside.

When he feels it's safe, he peeks in through the doggy door. If he sees you he remains outside.

Besides taking pictures of dogs today I listed some ornaments in my shop!

Anyone going back home for the holidays next week? If so, where are you going? Riley and I are heading back to Enid, of course!


  1. What cute dogs!

    It's killing me that you have bigfoot ornaments now, too! I'll likely be ordering one soon...don't want the yeti to be lonely.

  2. Awww,wookit da puppies! Squeee!

    My cat won't drink out of a bowl. She drinks out of this Chinese fountain I have by my bed. I call her Zen Kitty :)

  3. Argh! I so love dogs! I have 2 of my own, but I can't cuddle them as I'd like because I'm allergic. :( They are the sweetest things!
    And my goodness, that lunch sure looks yummy! *stomach grumbles*
    My husband and I went to high school together, too, and were best friends before we got together. We never moved away, so we're close by all our family. We'll be heading to my grandmother's house, who just turned 85 yesterday!) for the holidays.

  4. such cute dogs!

    and yay for chocolate-covered strawberries!!! my fav!!!

  5. Those puppy pictures are too cute. My friend keeps joking that my bf got me a dog for my bday tomorrow and it's waiting out in our shed.. which is not funny b/c they know how badly I want a dog. But I'm pretty sure I'm just going to have to keep dreaming for awhile. Until then, I will just enjoy the cuteness on your blog.

  6. Yay puppies!

    That's so funny that you two went to the same high school, but didn't know each other! Weird. Sometime, tell the story of how you two met...

    I should tell the story of my hubby and I meeting sometime. Its wacky!

    By the way, you should probably get a dog. Its good for you!


  7. Aww cute dogs! My best friend has a puggle, is it just her's or are they really mean? lol The beagle looks like my dog Punkin! So cwte! AhHhHH bigfoot ornaments!

  8. cute doggies! I love beagles! If we ever find ourselves where we can have one. that will be the dog for me!

  9. i love the little black owl, so cute. :)

  10. I love the puggle! I want a puggle!

  11. Such fun reading this and seeing all the doggie pix!
    the Bigfoot ornament is so cute!

  12. Thanks SO much for the sweet little owl ornament :) It'll soon be adorning my xmas tree!

    Yayyyyyyy !!!!

  13. Wow Enid, I actually know where that is. My & DH drive to Tulsa from Dallas frequently to see some family & go up US 75 to Indian Nation Turnpike. I know somewhere in there is Enid. How nice for you to graduate soon, congratulations!

  14. Such adorable dog pictures! Love it! Your ornaments are so cute!

    You and Riley looked like you had a fun day together:) How convenient that you two are from the same town...makes holidays that much easier!

  15. I've spent a bit of time in Enid. I used to date a guy whose mom lived there. And a high school friend of mine had grandparents who lived near there.