Friday, March 27, 2009

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying nice, sunny weather.
I, on the other hand, am certainly not. It's freezing rain over here. Sounds like hail.

I'm worried about the kitties, I hope they are warm. I haven't seen them all day so I'm assuming they are huddled together in the shed sharing stories, that's what I'd like to think.
Here's a picture I took yesterday of "baby kitty".

I took this picture from inside and zoomed way in, baby kitty wouldn't dare let me get close to him.

Today I'm working on the last batch of little owls. I completed the owls for Dwelling Spaces and now I'm working on the owls for Collected Thread. This weekend I hope to complete the owl pillows for DS and take them to Tulsa next week! Cross your fingers.

At 5p I will be listing another new owl pillow to my shop!

Now, back to work and eating lots of fun dip!

What's your favorite candy? If you don't have a sweet tooth, I envy you, cause candy is dangerous.

**I've been featured today on this awesome blog:Rearranged Design! Check it out!


  1. It's yucky here in Tulsa, too!

    I love Fun Dip. The candy I can't turn down is Sour Patch Kids. I have an insane sweet tooth.

  2. fun dip is amazing, nerds are pretty badass too

  3. i'm sorry it's freezing rain there. i wish i could give you some are sunshine and warmth! it's days like today that i know why our rent is so high. :)

    the baby kitty looks like my kitty, lily! i call her a perma-kitty because she still looks like a tiny little teenager kitten, and she's full grown already.

    ummm. favorite candy. that's tough. i have the worst sweet tooth so my favorite candy is changing all the time. today my faves are super ropes and dark chocolate covered almonds. mmmm.

  4. Awww those kitties :(
    My kitty used to be one of those but we saved her! (not straight off the street though.. from a cat place!)

    I have a sweet tooth too and the other day I could not stop thinking about Laffy Taffy and how much I wanted some!! I never got any! Boo. But for me, chocolate always wins in the candy department. :)

  5. ah i wish it were raining here.

    i am so sad about "your" cats. i hope they are okay

  6. You are so sweet with the kitties!

    I can't believe it is freezing rain!!! Unreal weather this year!!

    I have a very bad sweet tooth and I love sour Gummi Worms.

    Hope you get all the owls done quickly!

  7. Sunny and bright today in Southern California.

    I, too, have a fondness for sweets, my favorite candy lately is Dots.

  8. my favorite candy is licorice I think... red vines and I also like the sour ones as well!

  9. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Is there really any other form of sweet? God's small gift of heaven to us mortals is Chocolate! Oh! and if the kitties are like our neighborhood cat, they have several "hideouts" where they chill when the weather is bad.

  10. I hope your not to snowed in! My brother is in Edmond. When we talked yesterday he said they were expecting quite a bit of the white stuff!

    Mmmmm candy.


  11. I hate freezing rain and snow! We are supposed to get some snow today...wish it would just warm up! I love fun dip as well:) My favorite candy would have to be nerd rope and chocolate covered gummy bears...yum!

  12. thank you, estela! we think buttercup's pretty cute! she has the funniest personality, a total mind of her own. :)