Sunday, March 29, 2009

This was taken yesterday afternoon.

But the sun is shining today and melting it all!
The roads weren't ever bad so that's a plus.

Today I took pictures of new earrings for my accessories shop!

And also today I'm going to lock myself in my craft room and make owl pillows for Dwelling Spaces! Crossing my fingers I can make 10 today.

Yesterday I found out that there is another stelabird etsy shop. 2 new friends of mine went online to look at my shop but they spelled my name incorrectly, with 2 Ls instead of the one, and that's when they came across the other stelabird. The good thing is they don't sell plushies! I would be heartbroken to find another plushy maker named stelabird. Anyways, when they first told me, my heart fell. It wasn't until I looked at their shop that I felt better, because we sell different things. But, it's still a bummer.
Have you ever come across this?


  1. Awww! That sucks! But at least they spell it differently and sell different things. That would drive me nuts.

    I love the way you photograph your accessories. They look so cool on the pages of books.

  2. sorry estela. you are the original and authentic stelabird to us :)

  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( Love your stuff, though! Too cute!

  4. Don't get discouraged, Stelabird is something so unique to you. No matter how close the name may be, nobody could ever duplicate your awesomeness. :-)

  5. Aw. That really does suck. I wanted to name my shop Bits and Pieces but it was taken. I just thought up Cut N Glue because I was excited to open a shop and I didn't put any thought into it! I just wanted to get the shop open in a hurry.

    Maybe you can put a tagline of the original Stelabird. :)

  6. I love your earrings! I want the yellow rose ones in your shop!

    By the are the original Stelabird!

  7. Oh that does really stink!! Names are so important. :) Your shop definitely speaks the essence of Stelabird, for sure!

    I checked out their shop - what a strange name to have when you are selling dog things... they had only a few bird related items...