Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!

Earlier this week Dexter's handmade ID tag from came in the mail!

ok, back to cleaning the house!
What are you doing this lovely Friday?


  1. love the dog tag! he is soo cute :) have a great weekend!

  2. I can't get over how little he is! haha.

    I'm working on packaging some prints to sell at my art opening tonight! whee!

    What are you doing this weekend?

  3. He looks so cute in it! I'm glad you got him all tagged up, that's a smart move on your part. What a responsible pet owner you are!

  4. it's so cute! i love it. i'm sure dexter feels very stylish now. :)

  5. I've been meaning to tell you congrats on your new puppy love! So congrats! Isn't it cute that you have a dog named Dexter and I have a cat named Dexter? :)

    I love his tag, by the way!

  6. that tag is adorable! perfect!

  7. awww how cute!
    I made some books yesterday and today I had caffe mocha at my favourite café, read blogs and cleaned up my apartment! That's about it.

  8. I love the wee skull and crossbones! We got Zira a great black suede collar with metal skull and crossbones but the cheeky girl ditched it somewhere in the house when we moved here last year and we have yet to find it! Luckily she's an indoor cat :)

    Dexter is adorable!!!!!

    This weekend I am recovering from our first Cross Fit butt kicking er workout session and catching up with my blogger friends!

  9. oh that's super cool! I think my Henry needs one of those :)