Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today I spent some much needed quality time in my craft room!
I set up Dexter in the middle of the room with his bed & toys

I cut out as many owls as I could from the remaining fleece...which was sadly only 4

I got some new fabric in the mail and couldn't wait to make owl pillows!
You can find the new owl pillows in my shop this week!!

I also listed these mini mum earrings today!!
You can find them in my accessories shop You're A Dreamboat

I think I've mentioned this before but I like to read the closed threads blog (threads that are closed on the etsy forums) while I eat. It's my celebrity gossip, if you will. I read it and find out who to stay away from pretty much. People are so rude to each other! I've learned to never post in the forums by reading those.
A month ago I was told someone was making owls that looked like mine and I asked the person what they thought I should do. They suggested I go on the forums and ask. I knew that was a terrible idea because I've read numerous threads on "copying" and I knew if I did that I was just giving people an opportunity to knock my work. I know calling out is BAD in the forums but I appreciate the ones that help others, such as; someone is stealing people's photos to sell things, a buyer is reselling a seller's item on ebay, someone wants you to make a custom item but shows you an item from another seller. I think it's good to know what's going on. Don't judge me! haha

What's your guilty pleasure where you say, "Don't judge me!"


  1. this room is a great creative venture, and no worries about stupid people. plus you make awesome stuff it's natural to be jealous if someone is miserable

  2. Wow..Dexter is super cute:) I loved his tricks also in your previous post! My dog is five years old and only knows how to lay down and sit...oh well! Love the new fabric by the way:)

  3. man oh man i love reading the closed threads. i think my other guilty pleasure is lady gaga ha ha! don't judge!

  4. I like closed threads too! Once, I was the last one to post on a closed thread (right before Matt)and I had a major typo. I was so embarrassed b/c I knew everyone would see it on "Closed Threads!" haha

  5. hhhmmmm I don't know what my guilty pleasure is... Netflix or msnbc lockdown.... I guess. If you want a wonderful toy for dexter that will keep him busy for longer then 10 minutes buy him a puppy KONG with the cheese wiz stuff. Gus goes crazy about it. Its sort of expensive but totally worth it!!!

  6. i like reading the threads, but they always end up making me angry. people get so catty ;(

  7. Oh, Dexter, hanging out in the middle of the room.

    hmmm, I've never read the closed threads, I am intrigued...

  8. you got me into closed threads when you talked about it awhile back in your blog!! i'd have to say my guilty pleasure is all those disney stars and the fact that they all sing. haha i can't help but like watching their shows/movies!

  9. I've never read the closed threads yet - but I guess it's good to know now never to post in the threads if it means I'm avoiding drama. I strongly dislike hearing/reading other people's ridiculous comments because it brings out the fighter in me!! haha!! Like... when someone says someone ignorant I just can't help but tell them like it is!! So I think I'll steer clear of that. ;)

    Spice Girls. Don't judge me!!

  10. Hmmmmm I'm not sure what you mean by the 'closed threads' - and people trash others that post in the forums?

    US was a maternity gift from co-workers and I've renewed 3x now. :-0

  11. can't wait to see lil dexter tomorrow. i like his punk rock tag. i need one of those. so you already know my guilty pleasures...britney spears and hannah montana. so what?!