Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I listed two new owl pillows in my shop!

and later tonight I'm listing this one...

I'm boring, that's all I have today
I guess I can share the song I'm obsessed with this week
Two weeks by Grizzly Bear


  1. Grizzly bear is playing in Austin, but the show is sold out!

  2. The new owls look adorable (of course). I imagine you have been busy enjoying sweet little Dexter in addition to all your sewing. :)

  3. Cute owls! I have to get one for my nephew for his b-day or Christmas.

    p.s. Thanks for the super nice comments on my blog. I'm a fan of yours too!

  4. The last owl is super cute! And so are the others! :) Hope Dexter is doing good! Chloe keeps me busy too!

  5. Adorable owls! I love the scissor pattern:)

    You always have the best taste in music!

  6. i love your owl birds! i think it would make a great tattoo!