Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We moved into our current place three months ago and we're still trying to decorate. We move so much that I feel like we lose belongings along the way! Does that happen to anyone else? So I feel like we've been starting over in the decorating department. I really love this house we are in and it's in a historic district (built in 1906).
This weekend I made a simple banner to hang above our bed because it's been bothering me being empty! We were originally wanting to get Berkley Illustration prints to put above our bed. Maybe soonish. But for now I'm happy with my little fabric banner.


  1. I think your felt banner is adorable! You should make these and sell them:)

  2. Very cute banner! We move a lot too and we definitely lose stuff with each move (sometimes on purpose:) Have fun decorating your new house!