Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wedding wednesday//working on invites

I made a little checklist last night of things I need to do for our wedding. It's 3 months away! I feel better now to have something to guide me. I LOVE LISTS!!

We are figuring out the guest list and invitations today. I'm drawing a whole bunch of us, we're choosing the best one and then digitally coloring the images. I hope it's as easy as I'm saying! Wish us luck!


  1. The invites will be cute I'm sure!
    And like you, I love lists! :)

    Saw you post on the etsy blog team. Hope you'll come say hi at my little blog soon. Happy wedding planning!

  2. I make lists for everything! If I don't, I get off task way too much lol. Good luck with the invites!

  3. I. Love. Lists. Also, you. The combo... My head might explode! Let me know if you need help with anything weddingish!