Monday, June 25, 2012

life lately

1. Husband playing at the Enid's Farmers Market last weekend. 
2. We bought peaches from the Farmers Market. 
Phew, guys. I cannot come up with good captions right now. I'm not feeling 100%. It may be the meds that's making my mind feel loopy and uncreative. Please bare with me.
   3. Rainy day on the porch. 
(This is really hard to do today!) 
4. Prosciutto pasta is one of our favorite meals! I was going to share the recipe but I can't find one online. I may have to share ours with you. (getting a little bit better...ish)
5. Cookies for breakfast is a great start to the day! 
6. Dexter will have his moments where he sits on your lap and stares at your face from a super close distance. I love that little guy.
7. Putt-Putt date with husband! He won. However, I was the only one who got a hole in one, so...I think I'm the real winner here. 
8. 3am shadow puppetry. Husband comes up with the best shadow puppets. He says this is a horse. We would get excited when a car would drive by. We hoped they saw and appreciated our shadow puppets. 
9. We haven't been to our local movie theatre since 2010. The last few times we went back in the day the screens were awful and off centered, no concessions, it was dirty and it smelled like someone died in the theatre. Well, we decided to go yesterday after hearing it wasn't as bad anymore. It wasn't bad, but we were in the tiniest movie theatre ever. It only had 4 rows. I suppose our movie wasn't a big ticket seller anymore. 

Was that as hard to read as this was to write?
I'm going to now treat myself with a chocolate donut. 

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Those cookies look amazing!! made me hungry :) and your dog, as always! I`m his biggest fan LOL

  2. i've been eating out everyday, and knitting every night. haha. that's it.

  3. I wanted to go to our local farmer's market this weekend, but it absolutely POURED on Saturday. Waiting for summer to truly start here (tends not to happen until 4th of July).

  4. Yes share the recipe to the Prosciutto pasta please? All the food you post here always looks so yummy!

  5. I've taken some time off to relax and enjoy the rainy weather. Of course I've done some knitting too! :)

  6. OMG those chocolate chip cookiessss

  7. Cookies for breakfast is the way to do it. I eat any kind of food, any time of day. Sandwich for breakfast? Holler.

  8. Even though you claim to be out of it during this post, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :-)

    It looks like you've been having a lovely summer so far. Enjoy your donut!

  9. That does sort of look like a horse-haha! He is multi-talented. Also, those cookies look sooo goood. :)

  10. Cookies for breakfast and a cute puppy on your lap...I'd say life lately is pretty great :)
    Love the shadow puppets :)

  11. i love farmer's markets! i try and support our local vendors here. plus everything tastes better.