Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lately // October & November

Hi friends! I took an unexpected blog break for the month of October.
I've been slackin' in the personal social media side of things too. I'm very out of the loop. Today, at the shop, we were open for a special event, and I had this cool kid show me the wood mushroom that he made from my blog. He was telling me how he was wanting to make the felt donut but hasn't yet. This seriously made my day. Shoot, made my year. I was so thrilled and it got me missing my blog. It reminded me why I loved blogging so much. 
I thought I would do a lately post to recap my October & November. If you follow me on instagram then these photos are nothing new, sorry! To be honest, I've been pretty bad at instagramming too! We all need a break sometimes, right?

1. It's fall!!! Which meant I had my space heater going and I was knitting lots of infinity scarves for my shop. I gotta admit, I felt like a grandma. 
2. We moved. And I am so very sad about it. I LOVED that home so so much, but the owner of the home needed a place to live, and well, that was that. You know what's freaky? On my August 14th blog post, with a picture of our newly decorated living room I wrote: Thursday around midnight we decided to rearrange our living room. We woke up early Friday morning and bought a new rug and hung up our art on the walls. After living here for over a year we finally decided to decorate it! I think we've become jaded. We move into a new space, decorate it and make it perfect for us and then within a few months or so we are moving again. This current house is the place we've stayed at the longest. We probably jinxed ourselves by decorating the living room! We totally jinxed ourselves. A month and a half later we moved. We're currently saving and hoping to buy our first home soon.
3. On October 15th husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! I cannot believe it's been a year! I'm so happy to be married to my best friend! 
4. Husband and I helped with a fundraiser to raise money for our downtown's annual holiday event. It was Christmas Karaoke. Husband sang The Christmas Song, then after 3 glasses of wine we sang our favorite creeper song Baby, It's Cold Outside. It was our first time to do karaoke, and I gotta say, it was pretty fun! 
5. I've been cuddling lots of dogs lately. If you have a dog, I'll cuddle it! 
6. We've been getting ready for the holidays at our shop! We haven't been able to keep up with our online shop so we had to close that down temporarily. We've been getting lots of emails & facebook messages about ordering products, which has worked out pretty well. So, if you see anything you like on our facebook page please feel free to message us, email us at or call us at 580-540-8903, to place your order. We take payment over the phone or through paypal! 
7. Getting ready for the holidays = getting lots of fun new items! I love this Mr. & Mrs. mug set! 
8. We celebrated FIL's birthday with some bowling! I beat them all 4 games. I also broke it to my husband that I was in a bowling league when I was little (3-6th grade) and my average was 150. His mind exploded. 
9. Fall means mum time!!! I bought some mums to have outside our shop, and in true Stela fashion, I didn't water them and they died. I was so sad. So, I bought some more and I'm trying to remember to water them daily. So far, so good. 

1. October was coming to an end and I hadn't carved a pumpkin yet! We were planning a Halloween party with our friends and we decided we should carve pumpkins too. I love searching for the perfect pumpkin.
2. I was really excited about being at the pumpkin patch I had to take a picture as a pumpkin. 
3. Our Halloween consisted of yummy food, carving pumpkins and watching It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
4. Our black and white striped shirts prevailed again this Halloween! Last year we were burglars, this year (a repeat from 2008, last election year) we were from a wonderful country. French! I'm pretty sure the black and white striped shirts will be used again next year. We're that bad at Halloween. 
5. We dressed Dexter up for the Halloween party as Mr. bones! He wouldn't move. We had to coax him with lots of treats. 
6. Dexter decided to join husband in singing for our shop's November First Friday event. 
7. On November 6th we voted! We were expecting to wait in line since we saw our friends on facebook talk about waiting. We walked to our location, grabbed a ballot, voted and left. No waiting! 
8. That evening we got dressed up and went to our friends loft for election night/fancy party! We wanted an excuse to dress up and drink champagne and eat yummy food. 
9. I like this little promo card we made so I wanted to share!

That's what's been going on my friends!  
What have you been up to?! 
I have a lot of blog catching up to do. 



  1. Welcome back Stela :)
    Looks like a lot has been going on behind the scenes for you! The kid showing you what he made from one of your tutorials is so cute :)
    I could cuddle dogs all day!

  2. Great to have you back!
    Looks like you had a great time while you were on your bloggy break :)

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like you've had a nice break from blogging, that's great!

  4. Sounds like you've had a lot of living to do! Missed you:)

  5. Missed you, Stela! Sad you had to leave your pretty apt. Dexter is adorable in his costume as always. :)

  6. I have missed you and am glad that things have been going so well! It sounds like you've had a great fall.

  7. Sounds like you're having some serious holiday fun. Good luck with your shop through the holidays!!

  8. The best part of slacking off, is getting to combine it all into a great post! Looks like despite lack of blogging, you kept plenty busy.

  9. Yay! So glad you are back to blogging it up :) October is the perfect month for a fun break. Happy one year anni to the both of you, hope there's a lot more love in your future!

  10. THanks for the recap. I had been wondering where you have been!

  11. Happy belated anniversary! I love your cute i-photos, especially the number 7's and the 1st number 9. I love this time of year leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wish that feeling of "doing-good" and just being thankful and happy was something we celebrated all the time, not just once a year. -Jessica L

  12. What a cutie pie you are!

    Check out my top 10 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving :)

  13. I gotta admit the Instagram took over blog for a while. But It is great to see you back and great to see you are busy. I did not know you knit scarves for your shop. That is great! I would love to visit it some day.
    Love your pics and hope your December is just as eventful!

  14. so cool!


  15. Love your blog!
    New follower!
    Follow me back too?

  16. Love those Mr and Mrs mugs...and Dexter modeling the skeleton costume! I too have been bad at the social-media this past year, but tryingto be better in 2013. Time will tell. :-) Happy new year.

  17. Great photos, I just love your cups!