Sunday, November 10, 2013


The other day I was looking for some photos that I no longer had on my computer. I was happy to know that I could come to my old blog and find those images. Then I stumbled upon a post I had in 2009 where we doggie-sat our friends' dog and then how that made us want our own dog. Then a post on how we got Dexter and Dexter as a puppy. It made me happy to have those memories with pictures for me, but it also made me sad because I haven't blogged in almost a year. And 2013 was a great year. 
Between owning my store and being Assistant Director of Main Street Enid, Inc., I didn't have the energy to make things or to blog. So I let that slip this year. 
Taking a scroll down memory lane inspired me to start again. We just bought our first home and I want to be able to look back in a year and read how that went. My memory sucks and I want to remember the little things! 


The story on our first home 
We started looking for a home this August. There was nothing exciting on the market. Well, there was this one I loved but it was not in our budget. We saw three homes just to start looking around and getting the feel for things. About a week into looking, we were over at our friend's house and he mentioned a house down the street was going to be for sale soon and asked if we wanted to walk by and see. We walked to see the home and the sale sign was already in the yard, as well as the owners! I felt a little awkward because I had brought my wine with me, but luckily our friend is incredibly personable and started talking with them and asking them about the house. When I first saw it I immediately thought, this house is totally perfect and totally not in my budget. 
Our friend asked the price they were asking and to my surprise it was in our budget!!!! So, the lady owner gave us a tour of the home and the whole time I had stars/hearts in my eyes! There could have been a huge hole in the wall and I probably wouldn't have noticed. I was screaming in my head the whole time that this home was perfect for us. As soon as we left the home we called our realtor and told her we wanted this house! 
We put in an offer and we went for 2 days back and forth. 2 days was just long enough for 2 more people to put a bid in! I gotta tell you, I was so stressed out and mad at us. We should have just accepted the sellers last offer. I really had no idea more people would want my home! Long stressful story short we out-bid the others and WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOME!!  We closed on October 11th! 

That night we drank champagne and daydreamed in our new home. Our allergies were acting up, it was kinda stinky and we were feeling really great so Riley decided to peak and see what was under the carpet. And by peak, I mean rip up all the carpet. 
At first I mildly freaked because I wasn't quite ready for that project, but then I saw all those nasty stains on the bottom of the carpet and didn't freak out anymore. YUCK! 
Luckily, under that carpet was hardwood floors (yay!!) but sadly, there was kilz painted on the wood (oh no!!). 
It took two days to remove the kilz from the floor. It was not fun. 
The wall color in the living room was a brown/olive looking color. We painted them Gray. 
We rented a sander for a couple days and sanded our living room, dining room (there was wood laminate) and hallway. 
I'm so happy to have beautiful wood floors! And a huge thank you to my wonderful husband for working so hard and making our floors look so wonderful. I'm so thankful he knows how to do things. 


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  1. I just got totally creepy and wondered if you were still blogging and found this, haha! Goooooooooo Dogtown! Love your little house and love that you're my neighbor!!!